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How to Save on Your Florida Moving Expense

Understand your moving options and ways to reduce overall moving costs

If you're actively seeking to move to Florida and looking at homes, it's also important to understand the costs associated with moving as this is an additional expense, separate from your home purchase and closing costs, and should be properly planned for. For your convenience, this page overviews the most popular moving options as well as helpful tips to reduce expenses with full-service movers, moving container and truck rental companies.

Comparison of Moving Options

The following table outlines the most common moving options. As a top-level overview, the more work you are willing to do yourself, the more you will save.

Moving Option Full-Service
Cost Level Highest Middle Lowest
Driving Included? Yes Yes No
Labor Included? Yes No No

Full-Service Movers

Full-service movers, as the name implies, offer the greatest amount of convenience for your relocation to Florida as they can handle everything from packing, loading and moving all of your belongings to your new Florida home. Full-service moving companies typically charge for the total weight and quantity of the items being moved, distance being traveled as well as the labor needed to complete a given job. Often, additional charges may apply for stairs and elevators, handling of unique/fragile items or when the moving truck is unable to park close by to your residence.

    Tips for Saving with Full-Service Movers

  • Pack as many items as possible yourself
  • Use professional-grade moving boxes of similar sizes (reduces gaps when stacking)
  • Disassemble your furniture beforehand (beds, mirrors on dressers, desks, tv wall mounts)
  • Move in the winter months if possible as demand, and rates, are typically lower
  • Place all movable furniture items and boxes in your garage or by the door for the mover's convenience

Moving Container

Moving containers have become a popular solution for many as it's a hybrid between full-service movers and renting a truck yourself. With a moving container, you simply pack and fill it once it's dropped off at your place. The company then drives the container to your new residence where you unload it. Most moving containers come in varying sizes such as 8, 12 and 16 foot lengths and can easily be combined to provide the storage capacity needed. Moving containers also provide the advantage of time as they are typically rented on a monthly basis.

    Tips for Saving with Moving Containers

  • Start with only the size you container you expect to fill. You can always have an additonal container delivered, if needed.

Truck Rental

Renting a truck for your Florida move is the most affordable option, but you will do all the packing, loading and driving of the truck to your new destination. Most rental trucks come in varying sizes from 10-feet up to 26-feet and are charged a base rate per day, a fixed cost per mile, and the renter is responsible for gas. Optional insurance is available as well.

    Tips for Saving with a Truck Rental

  • Check to see if your auto policy already covers truck rentals
  • Provide your own moving boxes, tape, blankets, etc... as truck rental companies will charge for these supplies
  • Make sure your truck is clean before returning it to avoid any unnecessary cleaning charges.

Vehicle/Car Transport

If you're moving to Florida from several states away, or even from overseas, you may wish to have your vehicle professionally transported to your new residence versus making the long drive yourself. Besides being convenient, this also saves putting extra miles on your vehicle, especially if you have limited miles left on your lease.

    Tips for Saving with Vehicle/Car Transporters

  • See if the vehicle transporter has a terminal-to-terminal option as this is less expensive than driving to your residence.
  • Rates are typically lower in the winter months (ie. non-peak season)
  • Have flexibility with your transport dates

Moving to Florida FAQ's

What are the best ways to save on your move?

  • Discard, sell or donate items not needing to be moved.
  • Enlist family and friends to help you pack and move.
  • Get multiple price quotes from different moving companies.
  • Schedule/book your move as early as possible.
  • Move in the winter months (ie. non-peak season) as rates are typically cheaper

Best questions to ask moving companies.

  • What extras do they charge for?
  • Ask for recent customer references to contact.
  • Ask about their insurance coverage and/or replacement value for any unexpected damage to your items.
  • Ask for an estimate in writing.
  • Ask if they price match written quotes from competitors.

Should I bring my furniture to Florida or buy new upon my arrival?

This is actually a fairly common question by many. To best address this question, consider the following.

  • Will your existing furniture fit and scale well into your new space?
  • Will your northern-style furniture look right in your Florida-style home?
  • Is the cost of new furniture items greater or less than the cost to move it?

How much should you tip your movers?

As in any industry, tips are never required, but are always appreciated as it shows your sincere appreciation for the service provided. As a general guideline, moving tips are calculated at roughly $4 - $5 per hour per worker. When thinking of how much to tip your movers, consider the following.

  • Did they arrive on time?
  • Were they courteous and professional?
  • Did they take extra effort to handle your items with care?
  • Did they have to go up/down multiple flights of stairs?

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