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The Best Places to Live in Florida (2024 - 2025)

Discover the best places and top-ranked cities to live in Florida.

Finding the best places to live in Florida, as well as its top-ranked cities, can help you achieve a best-fit destination to call home. Understanding what each city offers, and why people are moving to them, can greatly help you to make a more-informed and qualified decision upon your relocation to the sunshine state.

In determining the city rankings for the best places to live in Florida each year, popular publications such as U.S. News & World Report, Wallet Hub, and others use a ranking methodology whereby Florida cities are ranked upon a handful of criteria and then assigned a total score. The cities which receive the highest overall scores are then listed as the top-rated cities. Let's now take a closer look at the criteria that each city is ranked against.

Best Places to Live Ranking Criteria

The following are common ranking criteria used when evaluating Florida's best places to live. Whether you're moving to Florida as a young professional, relocating your family for new adventures, or seeking a top city for your retirement years, knowing the cities which are top-rated in these criteria can be helpful in your relocation process.

Quality of Life

Quality of life examines the happiness of local residents in terms of proximity to top hospitals, quality of education, crime rates, public transportation and commute times and overall resident well-being.

Housing Affordability

Housing affordability compares annual household income for a given area against its annual cost of living. This includes cost of living expenses such as housing, utilities, food, transportation and healthcare.


Employment looks at the strength of local job markets, local unemployment rates and average salaries for a given area.

City Desirability

City desirability is simply a measure of where people would most like to live, in the entire county, based upon a city’s overall appeal.

Net Migration

Net migration tracks the growth and/or decline rates of cities based upon the net number of people moving to, or away from, a given city.
# City Name Average Home Price Average Age
1 Naples, FL $600K 65.4
2 Sarasota, FL $461K 48.9
3 Pensacola, FL $267K 36.8
4 Tampa, FL $386K 35.9
5 Fort Myers, FL $364K 40.6
6 Melbourne, FL $379K 41.4
7 Jacksonville, FL $303K 35.9
8 Orlando, FL $389K 33.9
9 Tallahassee, FL $293K 27.2
10 Ocala, FL $274K 37.3
  Average Home Prices as of July 1, 2024
  Source: U.S. News & World Report

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