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Thinking of Moving to Florida?

Discover what living in Florida could be like...

Thinking about Moving to Florida and currently doing your diligent research online? Awesome! Moving to a new state is a big decision and obviously needs to be well-planned and well thought out. As such, this site is designed to give you an overview of Florida's most popular cities and the reasons why people are moving to them. We also list local relocation experts in each of these cities who are glad to answer any questions you may have about living in their respective part of Florida. Be sure to check out our Florida real estate page where our experts provide their local market outlook, home price trends and provide helpful relocation advice.

"TOP 10" Reasons to Move to Florida

There are so many great reasons to move to Florida and to become a year-round Florida resident! Below are some of the top reasons why people are relocating to the sunshine state.

  • Florida Does Not Have a State Income Tax
  • Florida Has a Strong Economy & Employment Market
  • Florida Offers Reasonably-Priced Real Estate & Living Costs
  • Florida Has Great Year-Round Weather
  • Florida Has Many Amusement & Theme Parks
View our complete Reasons to Move to Florida list.

Florida Moving Guide

Moving to a new city, let alone a new state, can be a very stressful process. There are lots of items to juggle from securing employment, finding a new place to live, selling your current home, arranging for movers, getting your kids registered in a new school, obtaining a new driver’s license and plates, locating a new family physician and the list continues on...

View our step-by-step Florida Moving Guide.

Florida Relocation Experts

Simply your move to Florida with the help of our relocation experts. View all Florida Relocation Experts by region including NW Florida / Panhandle, the West Coast of Florida, Central Florida and the East Coast of Florida.

Natalie Carmichael - Pensaola Relocation Expert


Natalie Carmichael, Realtor®
EXP Logo - Pensacola
Discover Pensacola
Tampa Relocation Specialist - Natalie Wetherington

Tampa Bay

Natalie Wetherington, Realtor®
Coastal Property Group Tampa Logo
Discover Tampa Bay
Lakewood Ranch Relocation Specialist - Abigail Altier

Lakewood Ranch

Abigail Altier, Realtor®
Logo Altier & Company
Discover Lakewood Ranch
Sarasota & Venice Relocation Specialist - Julie Larson

Sarasota, Venice

Julie Larson, Realtor®
White Sands Realty Group Logo
Discover Sarasota | Venice
Fort Myers & Naples Relocation Specialist - Jenna Scharf

Fort Myers, Naples

Jenna Scharf, Realtor®
Treeline Realty Logo
Discover Fort Myers & Naples
Orlando Relocation Specialist - Justin Pekarek


Justin Pekarek, Realtor®
Logo Orlando Property Advisors
Discover Orlando
Jacksonville Relocation Specialist- Jeff Riber


Jeff Riber, Realtor®
Pursuit Real Estate Logo
Discover Jacksonville
Fort Lauderdale Relocation Specialist - Julie Harris

Fort Lauderdale

Julie Harris, Realtor®
Century 21 Realty Logo
Discover Fort Lauderdale
Miami Relocation Specialist - Geoff Fahey


Geoff Fahey, Realtor®
EXP Realty Logo
Discover Miami

Discover Florida's Most Popular Cities

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Pensacola, FL Coastline
Tampa Bay, FL Skyline
Sarasota, FL Skyline
Downtown Venice, FL with Palm Trees
Lakewood Ranch, FL Housing Community
Fort Myers Downtown Street lined with Palm Trees
Orlando, FL City View
Jacksonville, FL Skyline along the River
Fort Lauderdale, FL Skyline
Miami, FL Coastline with Beach Umbrellas